Friday, February 17, 2012

 I had another lovely day out with the girls yesterday.  Off to Brisbane early in the morning and on to the City Cat for a tour of the River.  It's a nice way to see Brisbane and who doesn't like being on the water really it's fun.
 The girls sat in the sun the whole time, this old girl had to take refuge in the shade and I thin Bre might wish she had.  Can't say tomato red is a good colour on her ouch!!!  Story Bridge in the background.
 Brisbane's attempt at the London Eye, actually it is very good.  Heights and I don't go too well together but I have been on this and it is a great view of the city and river.
 Sweet Pea and I went to Mainly Music again on Wednesday, she had a sleepover on Tuesday night oh she is a delight.
 My attempt at getting a silhouette shot, the first obviously not a success, I do love the look on Elle's face though, what you talkin bout nanny??!!!
This one a little better but not much needs to be darker I think, I'll have to practice more hey.  Hoping to have a bonfire tonight with our American friend and the Western Australian's Tammy and Baz, well he is Welsh actually, it's a bit of a mix match round here at the moment love it.  Have a good weekend all.


  1. I just finished The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. She talks about Brisbane. I thought of you as I read about Australia. Missed visiting while I haven't had internet but looking forward to catching up!

  2. Your daughters and granddaughter are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!


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