Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Things

I took Bre (our American visitor) for a drive today, to an abandoned town, the after effect of a coal mine moving in and the the beautiful Japanese Gardens.  Caught a shot of this very dedicated mum with her little ones, so cute.
This fella needs a pedicure don't you think!?
I have photos I just love to catch, one is the rear of someone walking away, why I love these I'm not sure I do though.
And berries and petals and leaves on the ground, love them too, why who knows.
And you will be drooling over this dish.
Our dinner on Sunday, a huge fresh prawn salad, this is the food I can eat on a new eating plan I am trying.  It's the Primal Blueprint diet, for want of a better word.  This is the easiest diet I have ever undertaken, basically cut your carb intake to less than 50 gr a day for quick weight loss and then to 50 -100 for maintaining.  No sugar, flour, grains, lots of vegetables and salads, protein and fat yep fat.  I know it sounds incredible and goes against everything we have been taught, but run on over to Marks place  and you will see what I mean.  I have lost 3.7kg in 2 weeks, I'm not hungry and I love the food I get to eat.  Maybe you will too.  Watch this space for the new me.  Maybe I will actually enjoy posting pics of myself sometime soon, maybe hahaha!
And this is breakfast yep, yep yep it is.  Lovin it so much.


  1. I've been following Mark's blog for some time and have his book, though I haven't switched to Primal yet. Still thinking about it. I love his Friday stories -- so inspirational! And you're right, your fresh prawn salad looks delicious. I want some!

  2. Love the reflections on the water in the 1st photo - they provide a lovely framing for the ducks. I love walking away photos too - some of my fav self portraits using the timer are me walking away from the camers


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