Friday, February 10, 2012

Two whole days of mixed media

This week started out fabulous, I was so filled with creativity after my incredible weekend of learning how to create art using mixed media.  I did the workshop with a local artist another Kim only spelt Kym Breeze.  Had the most wonderful time, two whole days of playing with colour and looking at what comes from slapping a bit of paint around, loved every minute of it.  
This is my Highrise and Fireworks work.  We started by putting 3 colours on the canvas in wide strokes and then after standing back and taking in what we saw we added some white. Right there I was stuck, too much white in the wrong place.  With a little thought and some ideas from Kim I went over some of the canvas and ended up with the highrise building shapes.  I added stencil windows and some stamped people images and then the fireworks. I wanted a little bit of bling so also added some silver leaf for a bit of sparkle.  I'm quite happy with it, after all it's my first.
The second technique we worked on was adding texture from other mediums.  So on this piece called Nomads, I have added song sheets, stamped tissue paper and bandages.  This isn't finished but I like the colours on it.  It was all about learning and getting brave enough to actually have a go.  So freeing.
So there you go my first and hopefully not my last attempt at creating art, so enjoyed it.  Wednesday though I had my baby girl the Princess, aka Sweet Pea for the morning and took her to the Mainly Music morning.  I love this time with my granddaughter so much.  Well this week I forgot I am 51 and instead acted like I was 20 something, trying to save a small toddler from being shoved from the top of a climbing tower.  I thought I could leap tall buildings to save him, and discovered that nah I can't.  So now after a trip to the Emergency Room, I am tottering around on my very swollen knee, torn something or other, whatever, it hurts like heck and the only saving grace is no housework.  I did save the little guy though and he toddled off totally unaware of the wreckage left behind.  Super Nan that's my new name okay.
A little bit of pretty for you this weekend enjoy, while I take it easy.


  1. Your artwork is just beautiful! I love it! I have never taken a mixed-media workshop-it looks like so much fun! Hope your knee is feeling better soon. I'm 52 but feel 20 also-sometimes our bodies react a bit differently now-even though I try to deny it! Happy painting!

  2. Sorry to hear about your knee Kim, hope it heals quickly for you. Your mixed medias are wonderful. I love the bright colors. Thinking of you, hope you are taking it easy. hugs.

  3. What absolutely gorgeous color!! So it!


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