Thursday, January 12, 2012

From the Beginning

New Years Eve this year on the Sun Princess was wonderful.  A glittering foyer filled with balloons, a windy deck draped with streamers.  Champagne bubbles popping, cheering, laughing, dancing.  Hopes high for what 2012 will bring.  
What will this new year bring?  I have to admit I began 2011 with such good intentions, lose weight, oops didn't do that one, be really creative in my photography and art work, oops again I just lost all momentum as the year went on.  But this year, I know it sounds like every other beginning, all bright and shiny and full of promise, I know, but there is something about me right now.  Something different, I hope it lasts, I really do, I have a craving to do new things, I am tired of being stagnant, waiting for change to come.  I think I may have to make the change, take the plunge so to speak and to heck with the consequences.  If it doesn't work well at least I tried, be committed to change, not wait for it to drag it's butt up to me, go looking for ways to make it happen.  I write this with trepidation, because we all know don't we that this time of year is like this for us.  We are full of beans, excited about the new days ahead of us and by February, well ho hum back to the ordinary.  But truly I don't want that for me this year, I want change.
I might need a little pilot boat to guide me through the old waters, you know, to help me break these old habits and push and guide me in a new direction.  I want to undertake some new challenges and succeed, not throw the towel in too early.  So will you join me on the journey, let's see where we end up hey!!!!
Pack a bag, bring your sense of humour, a good book or two, some running shoes, some tissues for tears along the way, flexibility and a whole big pot of love, let's get going.


  1. It surely looks extremely festive!! I join you in anything to make this year new and challenging. Now if I could just figure out what and how....

  2. you need a good weekend in the top end again, oh that's right, it's happening soon, and we are sooooo excited. xo


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