Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feet Firmly on the Ground

Well welcome back to all my bloggy friends, I do hope you had a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year.  I hope you are now settled into the routine of 2012 and that great things lie ahead for you.  I am excited about this year, I can't say why, really I just have a feeling, you know bubbling away in me.  I'm looking forward to see what comes, are you?
Now my very exciting news.......I have just returned today from a 14 day cruise aboard the Sun Princess to New Zealand.  We left on 28th December and had a fabulous New Year's Eave onboard and then took in some lovely sights at our ports.  More about that next time, now I just want to let you know something really exciting for me.  We played bingo on the cruise, on those days that were too windy for walking or sitting on the decks, 3 times I think we played maybe 4.  Anyway the last day was a big jackpot so we decided we would have another flutter an bought our $20 worth of tickets, a bottle of bubbles and sat down for the game time.  On the last game, a full house game with no call limit about 12 people stood up to indicate they had only 1 number left to win.  I had 2 numbers, the next number I didn't have and then I had the next one. I needed number 74 that's all and all the others were still standing.  I looked up at the screen to see the number and it was 74.  
Yesiree I won the jackpot and guess how much it was?
Can you believe this it was $10,216.00 yes I am absolutely gob smacked.  I don't usually play bingo or things like that.  Only on the odd occasion and luckily for me this one of those times.  So our trip is paid for isn't that wonderful.  

Happy New Year everyone all the best of luck to you too this year.

The clouds hung low over the snow spotted mountains as we sailed into Fiordland, really beautiful.
It is beautiful isn't it, the Land of the Long White Cloud, Come back tomorrow for a little more.


  1. WOW that's brilliant. i saw it on FB but obviously mis-read it as I thought it was a joke post - i read it as $10.26!

    Lovely news, yay you xx

  2. What a windfall:) I see Elle outfits.. more trips.. a new lens? Exciting!

  3. wonderful! Lucky you. And I can see why you have "a feeling" about the rest of the year. It started out so good!

  4. Wow, what a fabulous and wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and start a new year! It looks like the cruise was perfect, and the jackpot really put the icing on the cake. Congratulations! And may the trend continue throughout 2012!

  5. Congrats to you, Kim!!! That is so amazing - who couldn't find a way to put that to good use? Your photos are simply breathtaking as well. Looks like an all around good trip! :-)

  6. woohoo, still excited for you. wish i had have been there to see all the excitement!


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