Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight

Every Christmas we take our red hat photos, usually with the camera set on timer so we can all get in, but this year Adrian took a photo of all us girls.  My mum on one end and our baby on the other.  Eldest to youngest, I love it.  As usual there is always some nonsense going on and there is rarely the perfect photo taken, you know, one where everyone is looking and smiling and all eyes open.  Yep we don't get too many of them.  But I will say to me everyone wonky one is perfect.
My girls though have done pretty well in these mostly looking at the camera for a change and no bunny fingers or stuff going on.
Yep the champagne cocktail had been flowing for a little while by now and it showed.
We had a couple of ring ins this year, some friends of Paul and Alicia's who either didn't have family here or whose family don't celebrate Christmas.  What good sports they wore the hats and popped the poppers.  Boys will be boys hey!!!
Watching some boys on their motor bikes on Paul and Alicia's property.  Sweet.
Ash certainly looks excited about something.
How cute is the Princess!!!?
She has her own little santa hat.
And finally Adrian taking a little quiet time, I think we all needed a little down time.  A great day again, does it get any better than Christmas with family, I think not.
So now I go and pack for our cruise.  We head off tomorrow for a fortnight, so looking forward to it.  Hopefully will be able to post, let's see.
Happy New Year everyone.
See you in 2012.


  1. Happy New Year..The Princess looks adorable..The whole family:)

    Thanks for the heads up many months back about Lorie..and her kits..when I saw the most recent one..I finally bought one..I love it..I looked for boy kits.. As I have 4..and didn't see anything task specific yet..

    I agree Christmas is about family.. but I know some w/ no family:( An 86 yr old past client of mine called me last night..I felt sorry for him..So glad he called me:)

  2. Hello Kim,
    It's a shame I didn't answer you after receiving this so sweet little word on FB ... I was a little overwhelmed, this Christmas ... My family is here and that's a full time job ! ;o))) But I love that ! ;o)
    I also love your traditionnal picture with the red hats ! Both princesseS are cute, on your other photo ! ;o)
    Thank you for this nice moment ...
    Have a very nice cruise
    Kisses to you and Adrian, of course !
    Hélène, Philippe, Paul et Clément

  3. What a perfect celebration! I hope your New Years is equally joyful.

  4. Such fun!! What a beautiful family you have!! Wishing you a new year filled with creativity and light..all the best!

  5. these photos are just beautiful. have a lovely cruise, my friend.


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