Friday, January 13, 2012

New Years' Eve for me is usually a pretty quiet affair, maybe a few drinks and into bed by 10ish, seriously dull.  But of course this year was very different.  A wonderful dinner in the Regency Dining Room on board the Sun Princess and some dancing, before the big balloon drop and then a quick trip to the upper deck for some cocktails and hot dogs, yes really, and some streamer tossing. 
I loved these little horsey doovers and Adrian did not so I scored his too yum.
Seafood Tian, yum.  Some things I learned cruising,
1. I love a balcony room, yes the balcony is tiny but for the $500 extra I think it was worth it.  I have to have fresh air and I loved the sound, though quite loud, of the ocean rushing by in the night.  We also had a little night feast out there, some nibbles from the buffet and some wine under the stars, wonderful.
2. Check your charges daily, we found on the last day a bottle of wine we had returned charged to our account, just keep an eye on things.  Especially if like us you want to try some the delicious cocktails.  There are dozens of them and we tried quite a few, so after that you might not be sure what you actually have charged so just watch the account.  Oh the charge was corrected so no problems, but you do need to keep a close eye on things.
3. Forget the internet, it is really expensive and really, really, slow.
4. You need far less clothing than you think you will.  I spent a fortune on new clothes thinking I would have to have new outfits every other day, nah uh, no one is looking at what you are wearing so just take a few mix and match outfits, and safe yourself the stress and money.
5. Get involved in all those things you might not usually, like line dancing, bingo, shuffle board, all that stuff you think you'd never do.  You'll meet people, fill up your day and just enjoy things a lot more.  Definitely do the Bingo you know how that ends hahahahahaa!!!
6. Have major liposuction of every bit of fat you have before you leave, don't worry it will all be back when you hit the shore again.  
7. Ask the question, "what do you like to do?" instead of "what do you do?" you will really learn so much more about the people you are meeting.  I met an author, artist, a grandma, a navy officer now retired, give it a go.
8. Be ready to enjoy yourself, sleep, eat, dance, drink, walk the decks, get salt in your hair, eat, drink, sleep and start all over again.


  1. I am glad you had such a wonderful time, you and Adrian always look so happy and so loving, it all sounds fabulous to me, you both look just wonderful. think of you lots. hugs my friend.

  2. great photo and the bingo was a bonus!


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