Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mondays with Elle

So here I am again back to have a little chat with you.  I know it's been a while since i got to have my own page again, see I go to childcare now on Fridays and I don't come to Nanny's then anymore.  But mummy has been going to a fitness trainer and so i come here on Monday's now, Yeah!!!!!! I am so excited about that.  Cause you all know nanny is my all time favourite person in the whole big world.  Now look what she lets me do, play with matches and she says that I shouldn't tell anyone that i did that cause she said it's really, really bad for me to play with matches.  What are matches anyway little sticks with red dots on the end!?
I dunno what makes em dangerous!  They are fun though see what you do is get the little box and open it when you are sitting on the floor and then ya tip all the little sticks out and then you pick em up and put em back in the box.  You do that like stacks of times till nanny is nearly going crazy it's really funny ha ha!!
Then when nanny takes away the little sticks you go over to the bubble blowing whale thingy and you pull the little green bit off the end like stacks and stacks of times and then you wave it at nanny so she will make it blow bubbles.
Oh and ya tip over the bubble stuff and it gets all sticky and you find some more little sticks ha ha so much fun.
Then ya wave the bubble blowing whale thingy at nanny again ha ha!!!
I love bubbles and nanny loves blowing them she must do cause she does it for me like for hours and hours and then she pushes me in the swing like for hours and she must love that too hey!?
Then you pack up all the little sticks and you give nanny the box cause she is like sitting in the corner banging her head on the wall and rocking back and forth very strange ha ha!!!
Hey do you like my cool stockings how nice are they?!  But it's meant to be summer here and the other day it was hot and today it was cold who knows what is happening.  So I am walking now, everywhere and I am really good at it too.  I have some really nice shoes too, lots of them just like mummy.  Nanny said mummy has about 86 pairs of shoes and I am trying to catch up.  I even like putting nanny and mummy's shoes on, I just love shoes.
So i gotta go now I hope i see you next Monday.
Love Elle


  1. She just gets more and more precious every day..
    Nan..put those matches away:) The bubbles..yes:)

    Love her pigtails..

  2. This is adorable and so is she and I love her curly ponytails and her adorable little pink shoes and those fabulous stockings. She made me laugh. Especially that last bit about Nanny banging her head against the wall. :-)

  3. She's absolutely adorable!! And - the matchstick story made me smile. Isn't that what Nanny's house is all about? Being able to experience all of the things that aren't allowed at home??

  4. just love those stockings! and the shoes too. i can just see nanny sitting in the corner banging her head. you have her just where you want her elle!!


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