Monday, December 5, 2011

AVery Physchadelic Christmas

Yep these are my Christmas lights, yes siree.  Of course I made them look like this, by moving the camera which of course you knew ha ha.  I love light streaks like this, don't you like streamers aren't they?
Can you see me?
Now you can!
Bokeh, bokeh everywhere another favourite of mine.  Christmas is loaded with bokeh.
I'm thinking tonight we might go to the big Christmas light show they put on in a park in town here.  These were all taken around my house, or on the Christmas tree.  The park set up is amazing.  It was always a family favourite thing to do when the girls were smaller.  Load up the car and drive around to see all the houses lit up.  I think I'll call the girls and see if they want to join us.  Alicia and Paul will take Elle sometime, starting their own family traditions.  That's what Christmas is all about really.  Family, traditions, love, sharing.  
I have two trees set up, our big green tree laden with ornaments chosen or made by the girls over the years and this little white one in our front lounge room.  I think it's a sweetie all white and pink.
We have lit up our house this year and these lights dangle from the carport so pretty.  What are you doing for Christmas?  I am going to link up with Kat Exploring with a Camera, on Christmas lights too, so come on over and see all the wonderful Christmas lights photographed.


  1. Love your lights, Paula! You're getting me in the Christmas spirit! I think that second, very abstract one might be my favorite.

  2. Very cool pics!!! Love the bokeh!

  3. What a fun twist on the normal Christmas light photos

  4. Lovely lights - I love the first one, gorgeous streams of light! So much fun to see the pretty colors and lights you have in your life. Thanks so much for joining in Exploring with a Camera.

  5. I always enjoy those light movement type abstract shots as well. They're just so much fun! What a festive group of shots! Happy Holidays

  6. we still go out and see the christmas lights too. love your shots, and yes i could see you and the camera. have a great christmas. xo


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