Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Gift of Books

The Princess loves to read, she really loves it.  And there is a series of books that are her favourite at the moment.  The I Love series, I love Bedtime, I love to Play, I love School, etc.  Her nanny Carmel sent the first one, I Love Bedtime and The princess nearly drove her mummy and daddy silly wanting to read it all the time ha ha! And this week the I Love Playtime book arrived, thanks Nanna Carmel.
Look at the intensity in her eyes, she is going to read this book right now.
I love reading, Adrian loves to read, my mum is an avid reader and all but one of my girls loves to read.  I am so glad Elle loves her books too.
Is there anything better than curling up at the end of the day, blankets under your chin, the light low and beginning to drift off to that other world you are reading about?
At the end of the day reading is my last comfort, it helps me calm down, become really drowsy and drift off.  It looks like it does the same to Elle.


  1. I was looking back at Elle's blog and saw so many pics of her when she was smaller and I have to tell you that she is beautiful. She reminds me so much of my little one, Mae. I see the blue in her eyes, the reddish color of her hair...all things that Mae has. I just love this stage. But I agree...it is hard when they are not feeling well. Mae had an earache last week and today finally I see that she is feeling better. Hooray for anitbiotics!!

  2. What wonderful illustrations in these books!! I can see how much she loves them!

  3. third shot of her reading is a classic!

  4. i'm so pleased elle loves those books. sheer concentration and looking ever so cute. i'd love to know what she is thinking when she looks at the pages. have to go looking for another one for her!


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