Friday, November 11, 2011

I went looking for light the other afternoon, light on the flowers about to open, light on the leaves.
Isn't it beautiful, the veins lit up?!
The girls are doing well, 3 eggs this day, brown and cream and warm in the sun.
Our first crop of nectarines lit up and warmed and sweet and ripe.
And round the corner this lovely was quite interested in what I was doing.
Hmm easy to see I have not much to do hey.  Wander and shoot a few pics.  My life.
So off now to have a few bubbles with a neighbour as our hubbies hit a golf ball through our properties, the absolute joy of country living.
Have a good weekend now.


  1. Beautiful Spring photos! Love the purple flowers. I wonder what that cow is thinking, he or she looks curious!
    Your new banner is so pretty!

  2. I am so enjoying seeing the onset of summer where you live, as fall fades into winter here! I feel warmer just looking at your beautiful photos.

  3. What beautiful images!! And - here - we are so into 'autumn.' Nice to be reminded of spring!

  4. What a warming post - it's so rainy & chilly here. Nice to see pictures of warmth. My life, too, is walking & snapping (weather permitting), however, I'm not near anything as interesting as your lovely cow!


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