Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby It's Hot Outside

Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is our girl really!!!!!!?  Alicia asked me to go over and take some pics for their Christmas card and I had this idea of Elle being a little gift to us and so I bought this huge gift bag and well here she is our beautiful little gift Elle.
We had to do a few serious ones to of course but I love the funny playful ones best.
Here their dog Tin Tin had to get in on the act and boy does he love Elle and Alicia.  He is so protective of them it's cute to see.  He isn't viscous but I'd hate to see anyone try and get too close if they didn't want them too.  Here though he is just a big baby flopping about trying to smoosh on in.
And of course the Princes is walking now what an angel.
Elle is very much like her daddy, he rides motor bikes like the Crusty Demon guys you know over dirt jumps and such and is a bit of a thrill seeker, well little miss is just like that.  If it goes fast and high she loves it, can't you tell!?
Yep daddy higher, higher.
What a smile, be still my beating heart ha ha!!
Gosh I adore her.
Now to my little effort of flower shots over the weekend.  It is hot here right now, really hot, we swam yesterday and really for Toowoomba it is a little early for that, but it was fab.
Anyhow the flowers are feeling the heat and drying out, I love it though.
Beautiful colours and shapes.
Seeds about to blow away and replant themselves for next year.
What a gorgeous little crown this one has on.
Summer here you come.


  1. What lovely pictures and I know in that group it would be difficult to choose one for the Christmas cards.

  2. Kim, your little angel is indeed a gift, and you capture her personality so beautifully. I love that first photo! I also love the last one of the flower with its dried, delicately curled petals. Lovely!

  3. That Elle is such a beautiful little one - her happiness makes me smile all these miles away! How funny that it's hot there & we're 'sweatered & coated' down up here. I have to say my fave flower pic is the one w/the purple 'crown.' :0)


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