Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How He Popped the Question or didn't

Linking up over at Momma Kat's and really I just had to choose this prompt, it always makes me smile.

How did he pop the question, well he kind of didn’t and I have never let him forget it either.  I knew when I saw him standing on the other side of the bar after footy training that he would be mine.  Quiet and a little shy, well so I thought, he was totally fine to look at and I melted.  I eventually asked him out, his mate Rocky had tried to ask me out on his behalf, much to his embarrassment and I had shot him down, oops.  So after a few weeks of waiting and flirting and chatting and lingering looks, I asked him to come for drinks with a crowd after work.  He did and it started there.  Several months later we were living together and talking of getting married.  I remember thinking come on ask me, please and talking about it some more.  In the process we kind of just decided that’s what we would do, we’d get married.  I said, “So when are you actually going to ask me,” He said, “I have haven’t I,” I said, “no I want you to get down on one knee like this.”  At this point I got down on one knee and I said “will you marry me,” you guessed it, he grinned and said “yeah sure I will.”  And that was that.  I had gotten down on one knee and proposed.  He has never asked me to marry him since, though he cringes in embarrassment when the young men today go to such elaborate measures to secure their brides.  Actually we laugh about it now, I adore him, he treasures me, we both know how much we love each other and next March will be our 30th married year together.  I wouldn’t change a thing, well maybe he could have asked me, ha ha.

And for something to think about....
How generous are you?


  1. Hi Kim I have not forgotten about you. I love your story. When Wain proposed he did it with a silver paper from a cigarette package...I still have it...he did it right later though. think of you often. a big hug my friend.

  2. Great story! You made me smile, too. Congratulations on so many happy years together.

  3. Such a beautiful story!! Doesn't really matter who 'pops the question' long as there's love. We - too - are closing in on 30 years!


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