Friday, November 25, 2011

A New Thought

Thinking of heading off on my first cruise in 5 weeks, I am wondering how I will introduce myself to others and how I will ask all those questions that I have for them.  The best part of a trip I think is the people we meet and the friendships we make.  I love meeting new people, people from all over the world, from different life experiences and people who love other people.  Funny though the first thing we often ask someone when we meet them is "what do you do?"  Is that really what we want to know?  Do I really care if they are a plumber, a doctor, a check out chick?  Really, No?  I read recently a new approach to this.  Ask the question "What do you like to do?"
On a recent trip to Brisbane to check out the ship we will be cruising on, I spotted all these window cleaners, dangling from this highrise apartment building.  I wonder if this is what they like to do.  I would be a blithering mess if this was me.  I hate heights, so no window cleaner job here thanks.
Seeing this gorgeous, cute bike, I thought, wow, I bet this person loves to take a spin on this baby.  I can imagine someone, scarf billowing in the wind, scooting off to a park for a picnic, wine, bread, cheese, fun times.
Or the owner of this little car, what do they like to do?  Drive with the wind in their hair, smiling at all the people staring enviously at their car.  Dance a little rock & roll, jive, maybe.
It has changed my mind about how I will approach the people I meet on the cruise, I will be asking "What do you like to do?"  I hope they tell me some interesting things.  What would I say if asked that question?
I like to meet people.
I like to cook delicious meals with love.
I like to smell my baby granddaughter's hair.
I like to walk on the sand with the waves washing over my feet.
I like to scavenge in rock pools.
I like wine.
I like music.
I like to dance.
I like to photograph.
I like to sing (though I can't).
I like to create.
I like the feel of the inside of my husbands arm.
I like (some would say love) to talk.
I like being a mother.
I like being a friend.
I like to travel.
I hope when I ask the question I get to know the person, I hope I find out things about them that normally it would take ages to know.  I hope I make some new friends.  Think about how you ask the question from now on.
What do you like to do.


  1. Kim your holiday sounds wonderful, I think it is a good question, you may learn a lot more quicker.I have to think now. oh hugs to you.

  2. What an interesting and new way of thinking of our first 'introductions'. So true. What does it matter what a person 'does'? So much more important as to who he/she 'is'! Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful trip!


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