Monday, November 7, 2011

A Bit of This and That

Well he got one finally, yep Adrian joined me in the land of ink.  Apparently he has wanted a tattoo for years, but never knew what to get.  Since I got mine last year he has been trying to decide on what, and I suggested the phrase "The greatest of these is love", he loved it but went for the scripture instead. I like it actually.
And he made brekky for me this morning oh so yum.  What a great way to start the weekend.
My hydrangea plant is fading but still beautiful.
And the princess came to visit.  She is walking every where now, crawls occasionally and still has a bad cold.  Poor little darling it has been weeks.
Elle goes for her next operation to remove her spots in January sometime.  The first op has gone well and the scaring is minimal.  The moles are shrinking nicely.  Oh she melts my heart truly.
How do you resist this face tell me please.


  1. Resistance is futile! She is beautiful, and those eyes would melt the hardest heart.

  2. Wow! You are right. She can melt your heart. She is changing from a baby into a little girl, isn't she? First time I have seen her in those lovely pigtails. (Is that what you call that hairdo in Aussie land?)

  3. Very cool tattoo!! And - what a sweetheart she is. Absolutley irresitible!

  4. What a great choice for some ink, a lovely reminder

  5. Truly liking the tattoo! I've always wanted something meaningful in ink, but I'm to afraid. It's so... permanent! LOL! PS: there IS no resisting the beautiful face that is Elle :-)


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