Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They are 22 Today

It's hard to believe that Ashleigh and Danielle are 22 today.  My babies are all grown up!  Above they are 3 months old and Danielle is at the back, you know I used to have to put little signs with A & D on them near each girl so I could tell who was who in the photos.  I have hundreds of shots in which I have no idea who is who ha ha!!!
They have played together and been together almost every day since they were born.  they travel together and live together without too many hiccups at all.  They are best friends, though they would probably never admit it.  The used to fight over the same pair of jeans or shirts when we went shopping, now they have their own tastes, even though they are similar.  Their personalities though differ. 
They drove their big sister mad with jealousy and now they are great friends.  They are identical mirror image twins.
They were stunning at their high school formals and were even bridesmaids for their friend Amy.
They are funny, fun, kind, happy, single, come on young men who will marry my girls where are you.  They still like to hang out with their parents, I love that.  They are travellers and explorers and adventurers.
They look alike, sometimes, even though they are identical.  One is a lefty and one is right handed.  They act like that too, one is very serious and one isn't and I'm not telling who is who.
They certainly didn't come with a handbook but it has been fun.  We love them and we are proud of them, they are my daughters, my twins, aunties and sisters, grand daughters and nieces and they are wonderful, beautiful women.
Happy Birthday Darlings.


  1. Gorgeous..healthy happy women..all of you!

    Great photos..

  2. This is so my story too! My girls turn 35 this December and I'm sure you will see a lot of similarities to what you have written here when I post then. Mine are mirror image identical twins also. One right handed, one left handed. It's incredible isn't it? I wonder how I survived twins when taking care of one baby granddaughter is such a handful?

  3. What beautiful girls - happy birthday to them.

  4. WOW! I didn't know you had twins!! And - they're both so beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!

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