Friday, October 14, 2011

Trying my hand at it.

So what a week it's been, firstly getting over my four days with the Angel aka Elle aka Sweet Pea.  A good sleep and I was better and you know Monday afternoon after she had been gone a few hours I really missed her.  Tuesday my babies 22nd birthdays, okay I admit it I am getting old arghh!!!!  Wednesday ironing, ironing, ironing yuk!! Thursday morning tea with some friends and a massage I am still recovering from ouch!  Today play, I loved it I really did.  A lot of photographs, up close and personal, my favourites.
I love the colours in these shots.
Oh and I forgot to mention, I booked us on a cruise on the Princess Lines, for New Years Eve, yahoo!!!!!! Off to New Zealand we go 14 nights of sailing the high seas, meeting new people, and seeing as much as we can of the beautiful islands, I cannot wait.
My camera will surely get a work out, which by the way I will also be giving myself from now until then.  I do not want to be the fat lady laying by the pool.  So a lot of Wii dance and walking coming up for the next few months.

Oh and a few happy snaps from Tuesday night all my girls ha ha and Elle enjoying a little tomato sauce on her chop.  Her mummy had a fit, arghh watch out for her sweater, don't let her touch it argh, really funny.
And lastly I have been dabbling a little with some mixed media artwork,

This one turned out a little darker than I wanted, but I still quite like the overall effect.
I like this one as well, I love the colour runs, I used transparent acrylics and tissue paper for texture.  What do you think?
Off now to play some more, have a good weekend now.


  1. All good:)

    Ok ...all great!If I must be honest..

    Wow your mixed media is wonderful..

    and your girls?

    More than wonderful..all of them~

  2. Yes..yes - love the colors in those first couple of pix! And - a cruise to New Zealand?? Sounds absolutely amazing!


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