Monday, October 10, 2011

She Takes Me Back

If I could throw my leg in the air as easily as Elle can I would, believe me.  After this last weekend I have realised why we have our children at 20 odd and our grandchildren at 50 odd. We just would not survive if it was the other way around.  We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Elle for 4 nights this last week, and I say hosting, because the Angel is a madam.
She is adorable, she makes us laugh, she is determined, she makes us remember the days we had to discipline her mummy.
She is curious and intelligent and she so wants to join in.
She helped Poppy bottle his first batch of home brew, she played in the water and loved it.
She is a little monkey and we smile a lot when she is here.
She is learning to feed herself, and she is teaching me patience all over again.  Her eyes melt me.
She likes ice cream in the sun on the grass.
She doesn't like Tahitian Lime Sorbet that much ha ha!
She helps out round the place, she's very handy.
She took pop for a ride.
Pop took her for a ride.  She loves spotty socks.
She likes to feel new things.
She loves life.
She is such a good helper in the kitchen.
She is the joy of our lives.  She takes me back to when I had my own little Angels and I love her for that.


  1. What a wonderful few days for you all so many beautiful memories.

  2. Oh, how beautiful those pictures are. Don't you just love this age? You can just see them learning and exploring through their eyes and hands and feet every single day! Love, love the pictures of her and her PoP!

  3. That last photo is absolutely the most wonderful photo in the world. The joy of having our little ones with us is something so hard to describe but your photos really do a great job. Papas and their little girls, right?? Wonderful!


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