Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jemima Puddleduck came Paddling

I heard a strange soft honking today and looking out the back door look who I saw, enjoying the pool.  Adrian chases these guys off all the time, not with the babies of course, but the adult ducks who come by poop and leave.  I felt guilty, running inside to grab my camera instead of shooing them away.
They were a really cute little family, all staying close together, the babies running along to keep up with mummy and daddy.
They even hid under the log, laying under mum's wings when I came down to open the pool gate for them, they managed to get in on their own but were having a little bit of trouble getting out.
Adrian shook his head at me when I showed him these photos, I did detect a slight smile at the babies though.
Oh and look whose come to visit for a few days...
She is doing a bit of cupboard cleaning here, it's thirsty work I can tell you.
Oh she is the Princess of course.
Yep the most beautiful girl in the world..... hahaha!!!!


  1. The picture of Elle with the tongue out is just wow...what did she think of the baby ducks. did she see them. They are so a kid we had a metal pool with the plastic liner in it probably about 12 feet around. one morning we got up and no more pool. ducks had gotten in and ripped the bottom of the lining so no more water....still love them anyway. hugs dear friend. glad you have your little princess with you. be well.

  2. Your Granddaughter is growing up so fast! She is adorable. I do not have internet yet at our new house so I have been out of the loop for a bit. I am glad you got a few shots of the ducks. Nuisance but beautiful at the same time.

  3. The ducks are darling, but your little one wins the adorable contest - she just keeps getting cuter.

  4. Those ducks are just oh-so-very-sweet!! And - I love how you've added the pic of your daughter..paired with the baby chicks..and her most adorable funny face!


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