Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Top End

Well hello, it's been a week since my last post and truly I have been busy, busy busy.  Last Thursday Adrian and I went on a long anticipated trip to Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.  You can see on the map Toowoomba, where we live and a long, long way up north Darwin.  Our friends Merv and Carmel, who we went to Melbourne to visit and, some time back and who we shared my 50th birthday with in Sydney this year, are back living in Darwin.  Darwin was devastated in 1974 by cyclone Tracey.  A terrible event that literally flattened the city.  You wouldn't know it 37 years later, it is lovely.  Well we thought it was, so many thing for us to see.  So let's begin.
Our first night was spent catching up, sipping a few bubbles and for the boys watching the footy of course.  Saturday we went to Litchfield Park and to some beautiful water holes and waterfalls.  On the way though we stopped to see these incredible flat termite mounds.  They call them the Magnetic Termite Mounds because they have the flat sides North and South and so stay a good temperature during the day, at midday when it is really hot and the sun is right over head there is only a small area of nest exposed, very clever.

They looked like headstones to me.  And they are the consistency of cement, very strange.
Yep they'll kill me for this oh well.  So here we have Carmel and Merv in the front an of course Adrian in the rear.
The other termite nests you see are like this.  This is a grass eating termite mound and the large one actually stands about 15 metres high and is about 50 years old.
This is an ants nest.  Made of leaves and perched high up in the branches of the trees, tiny little ants with green bottoms live in them and the can bite, so watch out.
Now I have to say I am not a real good bushy.  I don't like snakes, dust, ants, flies and I hate water pools where I can't see the bottom so usually this little hole would have been out of bounds for me, no matter how hot and it was bloody hot....  But you could see the bottom easily, it was rocky and slippery and the water was cold and wonderful.  This fall gave great massages too, back up to it and it's like a thousand chinese ladies dancing all over your shoulders, ha ha.
We weren't alone here but there was plenty of room for everyone.
This fall too far down for swimming and the big cave home to bats, eek!
Lunch at this lovely lagoon, the reflections were amazing, don't you think?
And such pretty yellow flowers in the shade.
On the way from the big fall what a view.
So join me tomorrow for barra fishing and crocodile hunting, really it is scary.


  1. yep you're right, you're dead!!!!!
    great weekend though, top company and i notice that we only "sipped" bubbles!! haha

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time..:) Lovely shots also..

  3. Lovely shots. I am going to do this next year...I have never seen Kakadu before.. and really want to.....although went to Darwin pre Tracy...I believe it is quite glamorous these days! The Magnetic termite mounds are quite little termites!

  4. Excellent post sharing by you....
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  5. This is so much more than i needed about Termites Toowoomba. Thanks for sharing…


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