Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never Smile at a Crocodile

Corroboree Billabong 38kilometres of dark green water, edged with the tallest lilly's I have ever seen.  Home to the fattest crocs I have ever seen and supposedly filled with Barramundi the Queensland fisherman's dream catch.  I say supposedly because after fishing for most of the day, the boys caught only one that was legal size.  Mind you the fillets from that fish were huge.  Back to the lilly's this is just a sample of the miles and miles of beautiful flowers we passed on our trip to Corroboree.
So much life hidden within the flower itself.
And birds of all shapes and sizes live here too.
Tall elegant Brolgas.
Egrets and magpie geese and bronzed ducks.
I think this lonely lilly marks the entrance to a huge croc den, well it could.
The seed pod in the centre of the lilly goes a dark woody brown and is often seen in dried arrangements.  I so wanted to reach out and pick some, not quite game enough though.

Purple lilly home to flies too, or maybe they are some sort of native bee.
A little blurry I know, but we were in a boat okay.
And then there were these tiny little guys all soft and furry.
Yes we do breed them strange Down Under, this is a Jabaroo, how amazing is he!!  He stands about 5 feet tall.
Just to give you some sort of idea of the water levels in the wet season, check out the fence.  They are heading into the wet now and it will be much more humid and obviously it will rain a lot.
The Billabong will spread out over the surrounding flood plains.
Some people hire houseboats to spend the weekend fishing, see the line out the back.  Believe me it is hot out there.
A pair of Sea Eagles and their nest.  How huge is that thing.  Apparently it is nearly 20 years old too.
I think he was checking me out.
We shared our ham for lunch with this Hawk.

Now we are getting down to the business end of the Billabong.  Big, Fat, Enormous, Ugly Crocodiles.  These fellas used to be scared of the boats apparently, but not this one.
His big pointy tail even gives me the shivers.
Can you see the tail points, they look like teeth.  EEkkk!!
See his eyes on the left and his tail way out there on the right shiver.
Umm not too close now.
Holey Dooley now that's close enough okay.
I think he wanted this Barramundi for dinner.
They tell me this is the breakfast of champions up in Darwin.  Bundy Rum and Barra fillets.  This is one fillet off the Barra that Merv caught.
So tomorrow come with me to the Mindil markets for the sunset to beat all sunsets.
Until then cheers.

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