Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunset on Mindil

I had heard of Mindil Beach, I'd even heard of the amazing sunsets there, but I was not prepared for the reality of it.  Here in Australia it is rare to see the sun set on the water, well on the East Coast anyway, so naturally when you get to see it a crowd gathers.  So we headed off on Sunday evening to Mindil Beach.  We packed the picnic basket, well Carmel did, talk about the hostess with the mostess, truly I barely had to do a thing all weekend.  Anyway off we headed with our chicken wing dings and our 3 bottles of wine, yes actually she packed 4 and when we laughed she took one out.  Really Carmel now we are sippers remember.  Ha haha!! And no we didn't drink all of them.  So the beach is lovely and the people begin to gather.  The sky is actually really really blue, but my camera didn't catch that.
Suddenly there is a gorgeous yellow sky and yes it is as bright as this shot shows, hurts your eyes hey?!
The colours begin to change and my mouth begins to hang open a little, really it is beautiful.
From blue to yellow to orange and then to a pinky tinge.  The cameras come out and the crowds gather, wine glasses in hand and faces filled with wonder.
The boys even had a romantic wistful moment together sipping on a lovely red having a quiet chat, aww isn't it lovely.
And then the sun is gone and another day is ended in the Top End.  Really an amazing place to visit, beautiful water so blue and so many strange and wonderful things to see.
Such blue water, really so lovely.
Darwin's CBD skyline looking over the harbour.
Thunder clouds building, but we had no rain.  The wet season is coming though and we hope we get to see the city and areas in the wet one day soon, they say it goes from the dry browns and reds of the dry to every shade of green you can imagine.  Well we loved our trip to Darwin, great friends, great times and a great place to visit.


  1. Kim hoping you are having the very best of visits, the colors wow, like a rainbow...I would have been in heaven. we are both sick with a flu bug, its that time of year. have a wonderful time, hugs to you.

  2. Really gorgeous colors and views!

  3. Gorgeous! I can only imagine NOT being able to see a sunset like that. We live on the west coast of Calif. so sunrises are what I miss. What a lucky person you are to have such a wonderful place to visit.

  4. Oh my gosh -- that orange is amazing! What an awesome sunset. : )

  5. What absolutely gorgeous photos over the last series of posts. I've never visited Australia, and have only heard about how lovely it is. Your sunsets and wildlife images are stunning! I see that we are classmates in Kat's Finding your Eye course... I'm looking forward to it.

  6. Those were amazing. I felt myself relaxing as the sun set. Awesome!


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