Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Texture Tuesday at the park

Yes once again it is Texture Tuesday over at the cafe and I have to say I found this a little difficult today.  See I like to try and use a new photograph for my texture Tuesday offerings and my new one this week are all lovely spring flowers and my little princess.  The requirement was to have the photo depicting the verb Do and use Kim's texture Autumn Burst.  Well Elle was doing alright, spinning the noughts and crosses wheels at the park and swinging and checking out all the other children and I do like the grungy effect the texture has given the wheels.  
duplicate the photograph
use soft light on the duplicate layer
layer with Autumn burst on Soft light 100%
and again on soft light 71% and voila, what do you think?
Elle loved the park all the colours and the children.

Oh the joys of being a child, really the innocence of babies I just love it.  Can you see her right leg is a little puffier under her stocking?  There are bandages there from her first op yesterday.  She is having some of the spots removed and we are so glad she is well and happy today.  What about that smile!!!!!

It is Poppy's birthday today so tonight we will have a birthday dinner, once again my favourite people the family will be there.  Happy Birthday my darling.  We love you.


  1. Such a sweet little face.
    A happy day after yesterday.
    Thank your for your visit.
    Hope you will enjoy doing textures.

  2. She is so cute - love the look of concnetration in all she does.

    Great texturising - love the grunge effect

  3. her face is priceless! love your photos and wish her a good healing!

  4. Pretty pretty girls:) love the smiles..the texture is really nice also.

  5. The texture works beautifully on this darling little one. The colors in your images are so vibrant, and her delight is wonderfully captured.

  6. Lovely TT shot! Your texture work is so well done. This was a hard challenge this week, wasn't it.

  7. Looks like a great day at the park and a beautiful little girl!

  8. Elle is so lovely ! She's becoming a beautiful young girl ! And your pictures are beautiful too, of course ! ;o)

  9. What an adorable little subject. I remember the days of when I would take my son to the park and have to hold him while he slid down the slides and swing him on the swings...cherished memories and so glad you've taken photos to keep. I love how the texture gave your photo a bit of a grunge look and feel to it. Great shot (all of them) and editing.

    Bright blessings,

  10. What joyous images!! She's beautiful!!!

  11. oh she is precious. and she is having fun!


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