Friday, August 5, 2011

Tim Adams Wine Dinner

Good Evening thanks for joining me this evening for the Tim Adams Wine Dinner, at the Kingfisher Cafe.  I hope you have your best frock on or your snazziest shirt and tie, you are in for a treat.  We have just had our champagne the exclusive launch of NV Mr. Micks 'Gala' Blanc de Blanc how refreshing and light was that?  Amazing I thought, the bubbles were perfect.  Now lets enjoy our Amuse-bouche.  Creamy Cepe Risotto With Port Jelly and we'll wash it down with   a 2007 Tim Adam's 'Fergus' Grenache Blend.  Now I have to say Adrian and I really enjoy a Pinot Noir and this Grenache was very much in that style.  It was fabulous, light yet with a soft full body similar to a Merlot.  Wonderful with the delicious Cepe (french mushroom) Risotto.
Now whose been a naughty girl and forgotten to snap the Entree of Pan Seared Scallops With a Truffled Cauliflower Veloute' served with a light refreshing 2010 Tim Adams Pinot Gris?!  Ah yep that would be me, sorry but the soft, seared gorgeously plump little scallop was calling my name and before I even thought about snapping it, I had eaten it and practically licked the bowl of the truffled cauliflower veloute'.  Sigh loudly and rub your tummy it was delicious.
 Our next course and we were excited by now, the food had been brilliant and the wines really added to the flavours, that is how it should be isn't it oh yeah!!!
So we licked our lips when the main of Slow Braised Lamb Belly with Butternut Pumpkin Puree and Roasted Winter Vegetables arrived at our table.  Along side it we enjoyed a 2006 Tim Adam's Cabernet/Malbec.  The roasted veg are on top of the pumpkin puree and were wee bits of cauliflower and crunchy bits of potato, tiny though and were absolutely perfect with the asparagus, which was perfectly cooked.  The Cab/Malbec was great, full bodied and rather full of flavour.  I prefer the softer Merlot style reds, but with the richness of the Jus and the lamb it was perfect.  The meals and the wines really enhanced each other, it was wonderful to have such well matched food and wine.
Okay grab a napkin and get ready to wipe that drool, this dessert was amazing, I know I am running out of superlatives for this menu, seriously!!!! Vanilla Creme Brule' with Rice Pudding, Praline Anglaise, Vanilla Tuile and Candied Almond, sip 2007 Tim Adam's Botrytis Riesling with it.  I am a dessert lover totally love my sweets at the end of a meal.  This mini Brule' was perfect, the chef is French for this part of the meal and it shows, who does sweets better really! The rice pudding may sound a little old school, but it was dotted with crunchy nuts and chewy bits of fruit.  The consistency as you can see was creamy and thick, totally indulgent.  The Vanilla Tuile was crunchy and not too sweet perfect for dipping in the Praline Anglaise.  I really had to stop myself from licking the bowl, I am not kidding.  The perfect candied almond just topped everything off.  I was not a fan of the Reisling, it was a desert wine and very sweet.  On it's own I would never drink it, but again paired with the dessert it was perfect.  I have to stop saying that don't I.
Now for all my American and European friends you must remember we are in the throws of winter here.  The cheese plate reflected that.  Triple Brie, (yum) Walnut Biscotti and Balsamic Baked Figs served with warm Mulled Red Wine.  Are you salivating?  The Brie is one of my favourite cheeses always, I hadn't eaten fresh figs in as long as I can remember and these were superb.  Adrian was a little concerned not a fig eater and even he enjoyed them.  The Biscotti was as Biscotti is very crunchy but it did compliment the Brie.  Now the mulled wine, really does is get any better than this.  You might remember I made some myself a few weeks back and posted the recipe.  That mulled wine took me about 30 mins to make and warm and serve.  The French Chef here simmers his wine for 6 hours!!!!!!! Yes you read that correctly 6 long simmering, scent filled, delicious, hours.  And it tells this is the best mulled wine (the second) I have ever tasted.  Mine by comparison was a mess.  The figs were crunchy on top with a sugary glaze oh my I am bursting just writing about this.
We enjoyed it totally!!
I know you think we are totally glutinous, you are correct, and this was the undoing of the evening.  Adrian actually ate all of his Petit Fours, I took a small bite of each one, well I had too okay, stop rolling your eyes at me.  How could I leave these tiny morsels sitting on the plate, when they had dressed up so nicely for us.  Tiny mouthfuls of lemon tart with fresh blueberries on top.  Tiny coconut, chewy, crunchy delightful macrons.  Blackberry jellies doused in sugar. Rich, chewy, mouthfuls of chocolate brownie.  Ahh I am done.
And as if it made any difference by now, a de-caf coffee made with skim milk, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Really who am I kidding what was the point of that.  All in all the most fantastic night of food we have had since my 50th birthday degustation dinner, which by the way was prepared by the same chef.  They are hoping to hold one of these bi-monthly, will I survive this???  Probably not, but what a way to go.  Hope you enjoyed my amazing wine dinner with me.  Till next time Bon Apettite. 


  1. What an incredible dinner! I have never had that kind of a dinner in my life. I wouldn't even know what to wear! But oh my god...that food looks incredible. I watch all those Chef shows on TV and love it when they cook all these courses and tell all about it. You also took some amazing photos too. Now...go home and do some push ups! You might not have enough energy left tomorrow to watch Elle! I want Winter!!!

  2. sure did enjoy it, shame we weren't there.... looks absolutely delightful! when you describe the dishes, you can almost taste them!!


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