Saturday, August 6, 2011

Her First Birthday Party

The invitations were sent and the party was planned and today it all fell together, Elle's aka The Princes aka Sweet Pea's 1st Birthday Party.  Alicia made all the food, well almost all of it.  She certainly made the beautiful patty cakes, iced and decorated like beautiful little mountains of sugary cream.
Can you feel your hips expanding just looking at them?
Ohh all my beautiful girls!!!! Left to right, Danielle, Elle, Alicia, Ashleigh.  My heart skips a beat really, I adore these girls.
Okay so this photo wasn't actually taken today at the party, but Wednesday night, which was actually Elle's birthday 3rd August.  Poppy and I gave her the Thomas the tank engine, she loves it and our backs are now permanently crooked from bending over and running up and down the extremely long corridor pushing the little munchkin.
How can we resist?!
Sweet Pea was totally spoiled today, so many presents from all her friends.  How adorable is this little outfit and the big bow oh my!!!!
When she had unwrapped the present above she found this drum with all sort of wonderful noise makers inside.  Her friend Noah looks a little less interested.  Elle loves them.
Happy Birthday our little angel.


  1. hope you had a wonderful day princess. heaps of lovely noisy pressies from wonderful family and friends who love you dearly. happy birthday sweet pea xo ps bet nanny and pop are totally wrecked!!!!!

  2. Beautiful girls!!!!!! Happy Birthday Elle..

    and how cute is Thomas..

    :) Noah too..

    Honestly your girls..all 4 of them are just beautiful.

  3. Awwww, how adorable! Looks like a wonderful party! You have a beautiful family.

  4. Happy Birthday sweet little Elle, how exciting for you all. your girls are all beautiful and look so loving. they must be wonderful just like their Mom. Hugs to you.

  5. What a beautiful celebration! So glad you were all together.


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