Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book review -the one that i want

I chose this book from a site I buy a lot of my novels on, it was on sale and I love a sale.  The back read like it would be interesting, Tilly Farmer 32 years old married to her child hood sweetheart, content living in her hometown, working at her old highschool.  Tilly goes to a fair and is told by a fortune teller that she is being given the gift of clarity and her life begins to change and crumble around her.  Can she change the future and what will happen if she tries.  Seemed interesting enough.  And as you can see from the cover the author is a New York Times best seller.
Did I love this book?  No.  Was it fun?  Kind of.  Would I read it again or suggest it to others?  Probably not.  In all fairness it was an easy read.  But I just didn't get a lot from it.  I like a bit of depth in characters and this Tilly was just a little wimpy for me.  After her marriage begins to fall apart she is just insipid, I wanted her to mourn yes for sure, but get up and tell her husband enough.  But no she keeps on keeping him happy and even packs his stuff for him to collect, I don't think so!!!!! REALLY!!!!  
I guess she triumphs in the end but the infuriating way she gets there finally left me a bit cold.  You might love it, then again......

So my Sweet Pea (a nick name given the princess by Se'Lah) meaning Sweet Paul, Elle, Alicia is a big ONE year old today, am I the proud and doting nanny oh yeah I am!!!!!  We have had two sleepovers in the last fortnight and I love having her with us.
She is so inquisitive and such a joy for us.  Her mum and dad have been to skin and plastics specialists in the past week or so, to see what can be done about the removal of some of her spots.  I did share some time back that Elle has what is known as Giant Congenital Nevus, you can see the spots in some of her photos.  Well there is a little light at the end of the tunnel and there is a way of removing many of the spots on her arms and legs.  The large one on her back can't be removed it is just too big.  But our beautiful baby girl is so loved and we will help her through any of the stuff that might go with having this to live with.
So Elle is blowing you all a birthday kiss, oh my goodness I swoon seriously I do.  Lots of love from us.


  1. Thanks for the book review..I just came back to see your review of a previous book as I joined the library again..
    Elle is magnifique.. about.. 25 yrs ago..where we lived then the cutest family moved in close by..Their little of them..had what I think Elle has.. on her face ..

    They were removed to my knowledge..and all went well..

    Elle's are..not even visible in these photos..All I see are gorgeous eyes..dimpled hands..her kiss blowing and taste in magazines..oh and her great sense of style:)

  2. Loved your book review for its candor. The photos of one-year Sweet Pea are so precious! Hugs to all!

    Stuart & Darlene

  3. I can not believe it has already been a year! Happy Birthday to Elle. She is adorable :)

  4. Happy Birthday to this sweet little girl !
    Thanks for your lovely comment, your textured photo is beautiful too, love the color pencils against the dark background !
    Lovely wishes,

  5. Oh, that little one is SO adorable!! What an angel face w/those eyes. No matter what her condition, she is beautiful and loved :-) I'm with you on spineless women in stories. Big turnoff. Happy Birthday Elle!!

  6. ah, happy birthday lovely Elle! she's so beautiful...such a joy and a treasure. xx


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