Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Kim's Texture Tuesday is here again, boy the days fly by now.  I used to think it was just me, being busy or something, but everyone is saying it how time is just rushing by.  Anyway todays offering is a selection of my water colour pencils in my studio.  I have always loved those shots of paint brushes all jammed together in a jar, tipped with paint, asking me to imagine what wonderful work had been created by with them, so here are my pencils, as you can see quite long tips, not a lot of work done with these babies ha ha!!  I have used the red one a little bit for the cheeks on my She Art girls, and um that's about it really.  As I have said I think, this art stuff is new to me, but I have all the gear believe me.

Anyhow on to the recipe for the texturing:

Duplicate the picture and make it Black and White Urban and overlay at 33%
Add Kim's Antique texture on soft light at 100%
Add Antique again on multiply at 49%
adjust levels to please you
and Brightness and Contrast to suit you.
And Voila done.

And for everyone who is missing the Princess since she started child care on Fridays here she is honing up on her soccer skills.
Playing peek a boo.
And making her nanny smile of course.  What an angel and she is 1 tomorrow Happy Birthday Elle.  xxoo


  1. perfect little possum. i love those photos. very BIG happy birthday hugs and kisses to the princess for tomorrow. xo

  2. I'm with you, time is flying. It feels like July just arrived and its already gone.

  3. What an adorable little girl! And I love the shot of the pencils. You do some wonderful stuff.

  4. an enticing image - all that creativity witing to happen

    Seems I always pick up a texturising tip from you - love the idea of using a black and white version of the photo as part of the mix

  5. A lovely collection of images ~ I love the pencils shot!

  6. You have the perfect model ..
    Happy Birthday little darling..it's been so nice watching you grow up through nana's artistic eyes.

  7. What a cutie pie! Love the first shot!

  8. Thank you for the tutorial. The picture of your colored pencils is fab. Looks like the birthday girl is having fun!

  9. I agree, there's something so calling about a jar of paintbrushes waiting ;) And something just as lovely about a thing of pencils! I so love the materials shots....and yours is just lovely! As is the little sweetie ;)

  10. Great photo and processing. I'm with you. I have enough art supplies I could start a retail store. And now I'm hooked on photography and Photoshop!!

  11. I am seriously loving your shot of the pencils! Your lighting in this is just brilliant -- the colors shine. And, I must say, Elle is the cutest thing ever... happy birthday wishes to her!

  12. i'm clicking my fave button on your pencil image...it's great!


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