Monday, August 22, 2011

The Empty Nest

They have gone, spread their wings and flown the coop, we have an empty nest.  It's quiet outside my bedroom window now, no more tweeting and chirping and squeaking, the babies are gone.  Yesterday they were out of the nest after a storm and we saw them under a nearby bush with their mum, chirping away and mouths open.  Now they are in a tree in the paddock next door, chirping away and mouths open,  new venue same routine.  When I am sure they aren't coming back I am taking that nest and keeping it.  I love adore adore birds nests so it will be under glass maybe in a little cloche if I can find a nice one.
It's kind of sad actually, they have moved on, such is life.

Oh and can you guess who came to visit, my baby girl, my Sweet Pea, my darling angel, my precious Elle, oh my heart flutters......
She found my mobile phone and was so interested, she is a clever little thing you know.
She had a promite sandwich and shared it with the puppy dog, she is so generous.
She wore her birthday outfit and a hat mummy bought her and stockings and new shoes, once again she stole our hearts.  Oh my does it ever end, or will we be besotted like this with every grandchild?  Most likely we will.
Spring is nearly upon us, the peach is flowering,
the plum too.  Last year 3 fruit from this tree this year many we hope.

So pretty these blooms, so beautiful my baby girl and so wonderful the ebb and flow of life, seasons of change.  


  1. I would take that nest too and put it under glass. It is a beautiful one. Your little grand daughter is beautiful too. Lucky you!

  2. She looks so grown up in these photos


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