Friday, August 19, 2011

See How They've Grown

Here we are 11 days after my last post, naughty blogger me, and look how they have grown.  I am amazed they are actually able to both sit in the tiny nest actually.  When they get a jiggling I am waiting for a fall.  I am so surprised at just how fast they have grown and how big they are to still be sitting in that nest all day, squeaking for their mum to feed them.  And she does, all day long, no room for her in there any more, I see her flitting endlessly from one tree to another, scrounging for bugs and spiders and worms to keep the little ones quiet.  Believe me it does not work, they squeak constantly.  I can see her from the window now hunting on one of the gums and I can hear those demanding little tikes calling her.  
Here is mum keeping a watchful eye on me as I take snaps of her babies and her.  My daughter came the other day and took a look and mum was instantly zooming down on her, clacking her beak at her.  I laughed she seems to be quite fine with Adrian and eye taking a look each day, but not strangers.
So I promise I will be back on track soon.  I have been delivering and am now collecting census materials to nearly 400 houses.  It's interesting meeting the people, or not meeting them.  Really some people are inside I know they are I can hear them, but they will not come to the door.  So trying really.  Some people are wonderful, lots of ladies alone and on far a natter.  Many foreign people, with a little English and I really like meeting them.  Met some really nice young guys from the United Arab Emirates the other night.  They are having Ramadan at the moment and can only eat after the sun goes down.  I laughed, it was dark when I visited them and they apologised for the messy apartment.  The kitchen bench was covered with take away containers, Maccas had had a work out.  The explained they can't eat from sunup until sundown, well they had made up for it let me tell you.  But they gave me some chocolate.  Yum.
Well until I am back on track in say a week take care all.


  1. Kim what a change from the last post. I am so envious our summer is almost come to an end and you have the joyous spring ahead. you might find me on your doorstep. lol. have a great week.

  2. if you are naughty, then i am VERY naughty ;)
    they are so precious.

    lots of love to you and our precious Sweet Pea.


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