Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First Time

Recently I have been so so busy.  Delivering and collecting census forms to nearly 400 homes has been time consuming and at time frustrating.  Seriously if you have the tele blaring, the kid is crying and I can hear you talking I know you are home, so open the darn door will ya!!!!!!!!  But no some people think because there is a wall and door between us I am blind and deaf, I know you are there for crying out loud.  Any how I have not had time to take too many shots and very little inspiration, it is winter, everything is mostly brown and dry,  though we are beginning to get some fruit trees blooming now.  But I have craved some kind of artistic release and recently I found an instruction video on creating large painted pieces.  Flowers actually and not realisticly,  done which suits me, as I have no ability or training to create anything that actually looks life like.   So while my first attempt is on an 8" x 8" canvas board (not exactly large), but definitely daunting to start with.  I am happy enough with it.  My first finishing of it didn't include much shading and the petals looked really flat and lifeless.  So after many more hours touching and retouching it I am much happier.
  This is my second attempt and on an A4 size canvas.  I like the colours a lot and the petal shape is better I think.  It is such fun, what I'll do with these I have no idea, add to my pile of things for children to dispose of when I die I guess.  Or maybe more things for me to dispose of at our next move arghh!!!!  I love doing these, what do you think really!!!!!!! 
Do you have some simple things to suggest I might be able to create?  I love it really.


  1. Wonderful!!!!! Just wonderful..Bravo:)

  2. These are beautiful! Maybe you should open an Etsy shop and sell your work. This is why I stopped cross stitching. I just ran out of walls and friends :)

  3. You are very talented. I love the colors and your shading. you could make cards or coasters that would be very pretty. I don't know just a thought. hugs dear friend.


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