Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Trivia

So I am trying to find some creative streak in myself at the moment and it isn't easy.  You know what it's like, dry times are upon me.  Arghh!!  So today was riveting, ironing, mowing, baking and a couple of photos for next Tuesdays Texture challenge again.  Quite happy with it actually but you'll have to wait till Tuesday.  But tomorrow I have Elle, yes I know she is supposed to be going to childcare, but she has been so unwell this week, Alicia is keeping her home and I am having her for the day so Alicia and Paul get a bit of a break.  Alicia has been unwell as well, a day off will do her good.
Oh I got these sweet little egg cups at an auction some time back, little Bunnykins cups, so cute.   And I have to admit I did enjoy playing with some textures to overlay them.
Well off to make some Apricot Pork and chilli.


  1. Enjoy Elle..the cups are very cute:)

  2. I love the Bunnykins cups!!! I found a child's bowl & cup of Winnie the Pooh @ a garage sale & had to have it! I hate creative dry spells - but I force myself to photo something everyday :-) Feel better, Elle & Elle's mom!

  3. Yesterday was our "Bastille Day" and we had a day off too ... But everybody felt well ! ;o) Hope Elle is better today ... Have a good time with her !


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