Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Well surprise surprise, here I am back with Fridays with Elle, how exciting.  Yes i am supposed to be at child care today but I have been very sick this week.  Mummy took me to the doctors and he said I had croup, sounds like poop to me and that's exactly how I felt.  Oh yeah I was sick.  But as they say look for the silver lining in everything and I tell you what, when I am sick I get nursed.  Oh yeah big time nursed, all day, any time I want to, I even got nursed to sleep this week and that hasn't happened in a long, long time.  Now nanny told mummy that it would take a bit for me to stop wanting to be nursed all the time, is she kidding, I never want to stop being nursed, seriously.  My mummy is cuddly, my daddy is huge and big and strong and my nanny and poppy well they are squishy and comfortable.  Why would I ever want to stop being nursed.  Hey you guys can try and stop me and good luck with that!!!!
I will say it was interesting being back here today, I forgot I had all these toys here, nan's been coming to my new house lately, especially when I was sick and then mummy got sick too, so nanny was a real hero, really she is a genius and a life saver and really really modest too.
Oh I found this little ballon, wanna share with me really there isn't that much spit on it really!!!!
Umm and I am standing up a lot now, I still hang on to things, mostly just to keep all the oldies happy, I could probably take off running if I really wanted to.  And I have this crawling game I play with nanny, I crawl really fast and she chases me and picks me up and swings me in the air and I laugh really lots and then I do it again.  I don't know why but nanny ends up puffing and huffing and I'm just getting warmed up.  Anyway I sure love that game.
Oh and really exciting I have 4 more teeth on the top now, pop calls me his little piranha, ha I guess that's funny cause everyone laughs so I just go along with it.  Can you see my little piggy tail to mummy put them in for me, I left them in for a bit but hey what's a girl to do, I took them out.  Well off to get up to a little bit of mischief now so until next time,
Be loved, be safe and be happy
Love Elle


  1. The pig tails:) So cute..
    I can tell nana was a happy camper with her little Elle.

    Hope she feels much better ..and that the croup has passed on.

  2. Oh weep...poor everyone being so sick. Bertie got the croup when he was just over 1, on Christmas night while we were staying with my Dad. I had no idea what was going on, called an ambulance, they blue lighted him to hospital...gave him a shot, and literally 20 minutes later he was running around A&E. Hmmm! It's so scary and awful though :-(

    She looks so grown up, the pigtails I think? Quite the little lady! your daughter is so, so lucky to have you nearby. We have no one, the few times we've both been ill have been utter, utter hell. No one ever comes to rescue us from our children!


  3. Well it is official, she just gets cuter ever time I see her...I think she is right about Nan, she is a genius. hope your daughter and Elle are feeling much better. hugs to you dear friend.


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