Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Oh my how time flies when you're having fun, or when you are stricken with a dire bout of the flu and then your grandbaby gets croup and your eldest daughter catches that from her baby, and you go to a funeral and you hear of another one to go to, and you are training in the midst of this to be a census collector and have a test to submit before you can be truly employed. Oh what a few weeks I have had needless to say I have not touched my camera, I have barely been out of bed by 8.30am most mornings, and I have watched more telly than ever in the last few weeks, because I am just exhausted from trying to breathe mostly and just want to veg. Boring !!!!!!!
So I am back well somewhat back, and am submitting in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday again.
This weeks theme is Pink.  I scoured through my London photos to find a picture of Pink, yep the very sassy blonde bombshell Pink.  We ended up standing about 10 feet from her in Trafalgar Square back in April 2009.  The mobile phone service provider 3 was doing a flash mob style advert, and we were given microphones and sang karaoke in the square.  It was a total hoot and suddenly just in front of us a person stood up wearing a hoodie and climbed on a frame thing and started singing "So What", she pulled back the hood and it was Pink.  I went crazy, before this I have to say I was not a huge Pink fan, barely knew her songs but I don't know, just being there in the heart of London in Trafalgar Square, being filmed for a television add and then having Pink pop up just in front of me, well it was fantastic.
Now I am a convert, I even have the latest CD and everytime I hear her sing "So What I'm still a Rock Star" well I am transported back to London, to Trafalgar Square and well I just love it!!!!!
I didn't feel these pics were worthy of texturing though, they are quite blurry and I didn't think they would be good enough.  So once again I very typically resorted to a flower shot, I swear one time I am going to set myself a task of not shooting any flowers for a month I swear I am.
Oh one more Pink shot before I post the pink flower.
I tell ya she was waving at me I swear she was, you can see that can't you?!!
Anyway my pink texture Tuesday shot, here goes.
So I duplicated it, posterized it and then I used Kim's Granny's cupboard texture on softlight at 63% and then Sweet Treat on Overlay at 90%.  I like the drawn effect the posterizing give it. So there you are my Pink post.  


  1. Love your interpretation of the theme pink! Great photos. Wish I could see her - I love her music! Cheers

  2. ha! i wondered if anyone would post a photo of her! perfect!
    i love your flower photo - good job!

  3. What a great interpretation of pink--even if you didn't texturize her :)

    Love the flower, too!

  4. good to have you back in blogland.

    Great story about seeing Pink. Love love your texturised flower image - love the contrast of vibrant colours and soft effect

  5. I think Pink is an amazing artist. love all your shots.

  6. Haha -- I thought about using Pink for the pink challenge, but alas no photos... Seriously, I really love your flower. The painted effect you got by posterizing it before adding the textures is terrific.

  7. Your posterized photo looks great. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

  8. Love the pink!!!! Just great.... :)

  9. Wow...did I say WOW! What a fun time and a fabulous surprise. Actually, I am a Pink fan, so I would have well done what you did...grab my camera. I'm sorry to hear you were under the weather, but glad you're on your way to recovery...whew. I love how you edited your flower photo.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. I really like the effect you got from posterizing. One would never know it was a photograph. Nice processing too.

  11. How great was that, I can imaging your feeling:) I like Pink's songs.

  12. Wonderfully clever take on the "Pink" challenge! Love your posterized flower as well :)

  13. Great post!! I am a huge fan of Pink!! Must have been amazing to be there so close to her! And I love that you posted them to go with the pink theme! Your flower looks so cool! Great processing! :)

  14. Awesome! What a great memory & photos to boot. Also, I love the flower :-) And oh my, what a busy time you've had.

  15. Oh wow! My daughter and I are both Pink fans. Love your Tuesday Post :D


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