Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Swinging I love it, there it's out there I've said it, I love it, maybe even addicted to it, I don't know, but put me in the swing and give me lots of pushes and I am one happy baby girl!!!!
So nanny does that, she lives to make me happy, ha ha actually she does.  And the big news is this is my last Fridays with Elle post, yeah I know it's a shock, I am shocked but I am just the baby and I don't get a say in it.  My mummy and daddy have decided that I will be going to childcare on Thursdays and Fridays from next week.  Next year mummy goes back to work 4 days a week and I will have to go to childcare anyway, so it's just earlier than I thought it would be.  Daddy has a new job with a big electric company and he is working different hours and will be away sometimes and mummy is feeling a bit stressed.  So he decided to give her a break I would go to childcare.  I am pretty bored, I am very curious and very full on and I guess I wear mummy out.
So nanny is a bit upset and at first I thought she was gonna cry, but then like mummy said I can come here on any other day and I can sleep over and I can come on the weekends and well really nothing has changed except the day maybe.  I have loved coming here with nan and I know nan loves having me and when I see pop come in after work on Friday afternoons, I know he loves having me, his big face breaks into a smile and he goes all goo goo on me.  It makes me laugh.
So who knows what childcare will be like, but hey I'm up for it.  Nanny said that if mummy needs the time then it will be better for me and mum so that's okay with me.  I know nanny and pop, will always be around for me, no matter what day.
Ha ha I laugh when I see this photo nanny took, I was getting so relaxed in my swing, I was nearly nodding off.  Well hey it was pretty good.  So anyway till next time, not sure when, but not too long, be safe, be loved and try not to miss me too much okay!
Love Elle


  1. awww she looks so sleepy and relaxed... swinging does that to me too!!!!

  2. oh dear, not another day to have with nanny? we'll just have to catch up any time you can. big birthday coming up soon, so that will be good for a blog. catch you soon princess. xo

  3. Ahh...Poor you.. but as they said she can visit anytime..
    :) You've been great..There's a huge strong bond forever!

    Our little ones have always loved to swing too..
    She's a cutie your Elle.

  4. Sorry that you are not going to be there any longer. I just met your Nanny and now it is all over. I guess I will just have to go over to her other blog instead now. You have an adorable face Elle! And it sounds as if your Nanny if very, very proud of you.

  5. Ah, well I for one am very sorry it's the end of Fridays with Elle. But life moves on and Mummy knows best...and you'll get the delicious treat of Elle on surprising days! Gosh, she's so grown up now x

  6. my, oh my...look how much she is growing up! sooo cute.


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