Monday, June 20, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Hi everyone, guess what I am so excited I got to go to a wedding on Friday.  Yes I did, mummy and daddy got married, well not really cause they actually got married 4 years ago, but they dressed up like they were getting married again.  See mummy does some work for my enma (my other nanny) and she owns a wedding chapel and reception restaurant.  They wanted to do a television add and mummy and daddy were the stars.  Mummy got to come in a beautiful dress and in a horse drawn carriage.  It was a bit like a princess.
I thought she looked so beautiful.  Do you think so too?
It was really cold and windy and mummy was covered in goose bumps.  
When mummy and daddy really got married, daddy wanted mummy to wear a white dress and mummy wanted a coloured one so this time she chose an ivory one and she loved it.  Daddy went woo woot when he saw her, I think he liked what he saw ha ha!!
So here I am the star of the show, with daddy he is so big ya know!!!!!
Isn't mummy gorgeous!!!!!?
When daddy picks me up I can see the whole world, and I know there isn't anyone who can get me cause my daddy wouldn't let them.  He says he loves me more than the whole world, well maybe not more than mummy but close.
I have the same colour eyes as him see.
When I was outside watching the horses come in poppy held me up high and I can see lots with him too.  One day I will be really big like them and I will see the whole world too.
My mummy's and daddy's wedding for me was fun.
So until next time be safe, be warm, be loved
Love Elle


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