Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Here we are again happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company, ha ha!!! Well we are aren't we, good friends I mean?  Yep of course we are.  So Nan and I went to the Japanese Gardens today, and we fed the ducks, I love animals, birds, nan's chickens I love all of them, even my crazy jumping dogs ha ha!
So I really enjoyed the Japanese Gardens, lots of ducks and lovely walkways, I get bored easily so nan has to keep finding new ways to keep me occupied and it's not easy, well so she tells me.  I don't see a problem myself, it's easy, pick me up, walk with me, carry me here and there, give me a bottle and some food, carry me some more, no problems.  What do you think easy hey!!?
Oh oh oh exciting, super exciting, earth shattering news, I crawled on Wednesday afternoon, Yeah for me I am a legend!!!!!! Yep down on all fours and off I went, a little bit slow at first it's all this coordination stuff hey and then quicker, quicker, and the only real problem I had was I didn't look up to see where I was going and I ran into a few things, ouch it hurt too.  
And oh another exciting thing was I got to come to nan's on Thursday as well this week, mummy had an appointment and it was meant to take like an hour or so and it took 4 hours, so luckily nanny had said maybe I should come to her house so mummy could go on her own.  I would not have been happy about being stuck in that place mummy went for 4 hours I can tell you.
Ta Da see here I am on my way to the DVD's that nan has in her lounge, who knew that they could be so much fun?
I found Oprah on Thursday and I have to say I am ready for an afternoon of the Big O and I don't mean Roy Orbison, ha ha you do know who Roy Orbison is don't you?  Remember these songs, Blue Bayoo, Workin' for the Man, well you get it.

Sprung, I know I have a really guilty look on my face like I've been busted doing something I shouldn't be and I never do stuff like that really never!!!!  Well maybe just sometimes, only little things though.
But really butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, you believe me don't ya!!!! 
Well off now things to explore, there is a great big world out there just waiting for me to discover it and here I come!!!!!!!!
Till next week, be loved, be safe, be kind and be happy,


  1. yep, one thing is for sure, butter wouldn't melt in your mouth princess elle. you are very lucky to have a special nanny too. xo oh, and congratulations on crawling. nanny will have to be on the ball now hey!

  2. Oh I won't stop telling you how blessed you are with Elle..crawling too..and Oprah and Roy:) Cute post..Good for you for taking her to lovely gardens also:)


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