Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally My Studio Want To Have A Peek

So do you remember my little room, we were renovating way back when, well it's been finished for a while, and I have finally plugged all those little holes, cracks etc., where the darn mice were getting in.  And if the mice are in I am out, really I hate mice, I hate mice worse than snakes, check out yesterdays post I kill snakes Yeah I am a hero, wonder woman actually.  
I know it is so messy, but I have been in there so much lately, especially since I have been making my girls, well now I have decided I might call them Elle's Angels, why not!!  It is also where I stage some of my photography sessions, on that table at the back with the OVE blocks on and the black cover.  I have lots of great light in here and an air con and sink oh I am spoilt.

Oh look there's one of my girls sitting on my books, yep dozens of books, scrapping books, card making books, blah blah lots of them and cardstock  and my Angels with Attitude, I bring these girls out for Christmas.
My messy life, my messy room, I love it, well I love it when it is not a holiday spot for meeces!!


  1. what a lovely space....i can see how you can be so creative there.

    thinking of you. one love.

  2. what a great space, having a sink in my craftspace is part of my dream space

  3. It is a great spot, send those meeces packing...Your lucky you have so much room...Hugs to you dear friend.

  4. oooh I want to get in there and play with all your stash! How fabulous. Looks so, so inviting. xx

  5. Thanks for your comment on my post. I am 52 and have 3 tats. 2 matching ones with my daughters and my own for my husbands heart surgery survival! My work area looks just like this at the moment. When you are in the zone there is not time to clean up. You just keep getting things out to work with! Have fun making your girls!

  6. Oh Kim, It is lovely!!! I would be jealous if you weren't so creative and deserved every inch of it!!! Enjoy! xo

  7. what a great space! congrats


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