Friday, April 8, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Howdy doody there everyone, how's your day been?  Mine's been great, busy too.  I came here to see nan and she got down my favourite inside teddy, I have a favourite car teddy too see.  He is really soft this one and I just couldn't reach him, I had to really stretch.  Everyone is putting stuff just so I can't quite reach it, hoping I'll crawl real soon.  Ha ha when I'm good and ready and not a minute before okay!!
Thought I might do a bit of reading too, but decided against it and chewed instead.
But I was quite taken with this lid, honestly this was a bargain, a tea cup nanny bought a while back, $7.95 now even I know that's a good buy.
Off to see Kimmy and Aunty Jane again, cuddle that's what they want to do, cuddle all the time ha ha good thing I like cuddles that's all.
Now first thing I'm gonna say is hats, blah blah yeah I know I should wear them and I know I look hot in them, but I just don't like them.  But to prove nanny did put it on me here's the photo.  Now let's move on from that okay.
Nan took me to the waterbird habitat.  I really like those ducks, cute little things.  Mind you I think they wanted my water bottle.  Nanny said my chubby fingers look like little worms and that's what they wanted.  Yeah right and listen hear my fingers are not chubby hear me!!!
This mummy duck had all her little babies with her, i really liked them.  You know they can swim even when they are really little, just like me.
This one was really funny he kept coming up close and nanny said next time we'll take some bread to feed them.  Never mind them what about me, I like bread oh and bananas and raspberries and strawberries well most things really.  So I'll share some bread with them okay.
See here he comes again and look he's checking out my bottle.  I hope we go again soon, I really liked it,  Oh and see my new outfit and hair bow, well mummy has been on a shopping ban for 1 whole month.  Daddy said she was spending too much on me and her so yesterday it finished and guess what I got?  Yep the new outfit and some hair bows, mummy got her nails done too.  She's so funny she likes shopping, me too actually only I like all the pretty lights and all the people cause I don't have any money to spend yet.  I went to see a doctor yesterday in Brisbane about my spots.  See one doctor here told mummy and daddy i could get the big one on my back taken off and that confused mummy and daddy.  The first doctor said I couldn't, so we saw another one a big special one yesterday.  He said it would take a lot of operations and a lot of money and they would have to expand the skin like when twins are joined together and they separate them.  But the spot is nearly my whole back so what skin would they use to cover what they take off.  So mummy and daddy are still confused but they are going to see a plastic surgeon just to see if there is anything that really can be done.  It is a big decision for them to make.  Me I am happy, I know everyone loves me and right now I don't have to worry about it.
so until next week
be happy, be safe, be loved
Love Elle


  1. I love the photo of the top of her beautiful head showing with the duckling in the distance..
    She is so darn cute..
    Big decisions for mommy and daddy.
    It must be confusing.
    I love that she is her age and does not care:) I wish we could all be like that..all our lives..
    She's beautiful.Tip to toe.

  2. Oh - that sweet little bow!

  3. such a precious little princess. xo


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