Sunday, April 10, 2011

Odds & Bods

Babies dreaming of the world around them, of far away places yet to be seen.
Angels, sitting waiting to be called to service.
Listening for the cry.
Moelleux au chocolat
(Chocolate Lava Cake)

180 gr (6oz) light brown sugar
180gr (60z) butter
180gr (60z) good dark chocolates (70%)
6 eggs
90gr (3oz) flour
30gr soft butter (for the mold)
flour (for the mold)

1.  Melt slowly the chocolate with butter on the stove (use a casserole with water) or in the microwave
2. Mix flour and sugar in a bowl
3. Beat the eggs
4. Add the eggs (not on the stove) to the chocolate, mix well, add the mix of sugar and flour
5. Butter and flour the molds (use aluminium cups)
6. Add the preparation and let reest in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours.  (it is good for 3 days in the fridge)
7. Cook in a hot oven (350F) (180 Celsius), for 10 min.  Let rest for 3 mins the serve upside down on your plate
8. Serve with fresh berries, ice cream, cream fruit sauce what ever takes your fancy.
We made this delicious rich, easy peasy desert at our cooking school in Monte Marte in May last year.  It is so easy really and absolutely delicious. Give it a try and impress your friends, it was just as easy at home today and just as scrummy!!!
Beautiful autumn coloured pots for the garden.
Beautiful naked trees in the park.
That was my weekend, what did you do?
I start my SheArt workshop this week cannot wait.
Waiting for books to come in the mail, I so love parcels.
Are you doing anything exciting?


  1. getting ready to fly off to chicago for the week for meetings. hope you have a great time with your new class

  2. Beautiful babies, beautiful angels, beautiful trees ... and beautiful cakes !!! They look scrumptious ! I must have a try ... ;o)))
    Plenty of kisses for you and Adrian, from the four of us, of course !

  3. Kim love your post, why are the trees naked in the park....and will they die...they look really different. have a great week.


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