Monday, March 14, 2011

Snow Day

My gorgeous friend Se'Lah sent me a picture of these snow covered branches outside her home.  She knows that here in Toowoomba Queensland Australia we don't get snow.  So I am fascinated with the beauty and the purity of the fresh snow.  I took her picture and fiddled.  It's what I do these days.  Fiddle with pictures.  I have just joined a small group of people who are emailing each other a photo a day.  It will keep me on my toes to actually get a photo a day.  Some days just seem to fly by and even getting my camera out is an effort.  Not that I don't want to I just seem to get caught up in what else I am doing and suddenly the day is gone.  So this will hopefully not be a burden but be an encouragement to use my camera every day.  But back to these snow photos, I love the laden branches.
Same photo different crop, different editing.
This is the original, I like it too, I just love changing things.  Which do you like best?


  1. I love the second one, it was great she sent these to you. hugs, hope you are well. take care.

  2. i love both edits but the added text on the first really adds an extra bit of interest


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