Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Okay no snickering, giggling or pooh poohing me, I was in heaven, raspberries, mulberries, cranberries all mooshed together oh my it was so delicious!!!!!!!  Milk mo no way fruit mo all the way.  Nan made this for me today and I know mummy has done it before but nanny can cook, oh yeah she rocks.  Sorry mummy but it's true the way she microwaves those berries well there is an art to it.
And I had my first taste of apple, not bad either.  See that's what happens when you get teeth, you get food, real food that needs chewing yummy.
I needed a drink after that though and hey big story to tell about the balloon I got to play with.
It's actually Nan's birthday balloon from about a month ago, and it's still floating around and I love it.  You can see through it and it is all crinkly and squishy and the string is fun and oh what can I say balloons rock.
Like a crystal ball Nanny said, I loved this.  Gazing into it for ages, you know I could see my toes there really cool.
I don't know who was more fascinated me or Nanny.  I love her camera though and I get it now when she is taking pictures of me I smile, that's right hey?  Well I do when I'm not so engrossed in my toes through a balloon.
Oh and sitting up hey it is so much better than laying round all the time.  I can do stuff, lots of stuff.  Mummy says she can't wait for me to crawl, that must be funny cause nanny laughed her head off, she says mummy will have no idea what hit her.  If I catch anyone hitting mummy I'm gonna chew em with my two teeth, I am so watch out.
I don't think I've told you but my mummy is a shoe freak, well that's what nanny says.  She has about 80 pairs of shoes all lined up in colours on a big rack and I love them too.  So mummy has started getting shoes for me.  The dancing glitter shoes oh I love em I do, they get my feet a tappin' and my aunties bought me the nikes when they were in the states.  Not up to running yet but soon okay.  I have others a really cool pair of pink sherpa boots, all woolly and warm and a pretty cream pair with a bow and satin pretty.  I'm gonna keep all my shoes and frame em or something and then I bet I end up with more than mummy, she'll be jealous.  Oh at the moment she is on a one month shopping ban, daddy says she is spending too much on me and on her clothes.  So my collecting has to wait, well unless nanny sees some nice shoes somewhere, she's not banned she said.
Really daddy how can you resist me really!!!!!
Anyway gotta go gum and nibble something till next week
Be safe
Be happy
Be loved


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