Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now for Something Completely Different

Yes I know what the heck that's what your thinking right!!??  Well I must be bored or addicted to sitting for hours in front of my wonderful Mac, both is correct.  I have a totally addictive personality and when I find something new I just get so caught up it is ridiculous.  So anyway I am having a go at some digital scrapping or collage work.  I subscribe to some of the wonderful Somerset magazines and I discovered Somerset Digital Studio a while back.  Since then I have been totally in love with the incredible work some of the featured artists have created.  So worth a look if you can get hold of a magazine.
Do not think that in any way is my wacky creation above like some of the beautiful images you'll find in the latest edition of Digital Studio.  It surely isn't but you have to start somewhere hey!
I have an idea for creating a hardcover book for Elle.  I want to do one of her Friday's with Elle postings, I think she will love them when she is a little older.  And I can remember years ago ordering some fairy tale books for each of the girls that had their names in them.  They thought they were wonderful.  So my thoughts are, I will come up with some weird tale and write a book for Elle.  But not just her name will be included but photographs of all of us.  We may be wearing flower hats, or be riding on dinosaurs who knows, I am quite excited actually.  Now the only thing I have to do is actually do it.  That is one of the things I wrote on my Art journal page.  Things that I really want to do this year........ Do It!!!!  Is there something you are trying this year?  Tell me please!


  1. This is so awesome! Oh the things you'll be able to do.

  2. The book is a grand idea! Very cute!

  3. Hey Kim ... great post and thank you for your kind comments about Somerset Digital Studio. I think your digital design is really cute. When you feel comfortable, send me some submissions! The deadline for our autumn issue is April 15th.
    Jana Holstein
    Managing Editor
    Somerset Digital Studio


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