Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011 pleased to meet you!

Okay I admit it, not the best photo in the world, but in my excitement of seeing Elle dancing in her tutu on the 1st of January 2011, I just had to get her picture.  Ashleigh & Danielle bought her this Jolly Jumper for Christmas and she loves it, her little feet barely touch the ground and she is like a twirly bird in the wind and the smile on her face melts me.
Twirling and dancing in the warm summer air she loves the freedom, and her beautiful little chubby legs are getting stronger by the day.  Oh my, my cheeks are sore with smiling just watching Elle dance.  My little ballerina.

Her tiny feet barely touch the ground and she is off flying again, oh the freedom and potential of a baby well loved and protected from the evil in this world is endless. My greatest hope is that my baby Princess will know this love, this freedom.

My year 2011 is a different one for me.  Many changes this year and the realisation that some friends are friends, real and with the best intentions, until circumstances change.  Then what do I do, what do you do?  it isn't an easy question and sometimes others make the choices for me.  Like no phone calls just for the purpose of idle chat, that changes quickly.  Invitations to birthdays etc., missed oh well so be it, it is an interesting time for us.  As our lives have changed in the last 18 months, our friends and interests and honest beliefs have changed. So many empty promises and believed untruths have been spoken and now we will unravel the lies from the truth.  The outcome will be interesting and the future a blank canvas, it will be painted in pain and honesty, and truth, faults and failure, accomplishment and hopes and we will walk into the future as ourselves not what others have wanted us to be.  It will be an interesting year for us and I am excited.  Come along for the ride please......


  1. Your little what matters most:)Friends come into our lives for a long time..or a short time..You never know..

  2. Oh Kim, it sounds like you have had some deep hurts by people who you thought were dear. We too went through a very challenging few years of deep hurt and grief. It does take time, just give yourself permission to be hurt, angry and disappointed. It all will eventually pass. I so appreciate you and reading your blog. Hang in there. Love and prayers

  3. I want to pinch her cheeks! What a doll! Soon, you will have to run to catch up with her.

    You are in an awfully pensive mood there. All I know is that life is like the West Virginia hills....all rolling with dips and peaks....valleys that are beautiful and flat and green with promise only to spread to the next line of rolling hills. We must travel all of it with strength and confidence as long as we are here.

  4. oh dear i didn't mean to sound so sad, I'm not really I am surprised and yet excited to see what 2011 will bring. Good things I know and I am waiting for them yeah!!!!

  5. those things are so cute and she looks so happy to be in it. the first time i ever saw a baby in one i laughed so hard i scared the baby. :)

  6. look at our little ballerina...she's a natural ;)

    looking forward to a wonderful year with you. happy new year.


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