Friday, December 31, 2010

Fridays with Elle New Year's Eve 2010

Well firstly let me say I was in a panic today, I didn't think I was going to get to hang with Nanny and I was freaking out!!!!! Yeah see Dad is home from work for the Christmas holidays and he was going to look after me, so that meant I wouldn't have seen my all time fav person in the whole, entire, big, wide, world NAN!!!!!  Now she was fine you know, that comes from maturity she says, she wasn't having withdrawal symptoms like I was, nah cool as a cucumber she was.  Anyway for some reason she just had to bring back some plates Mummy left at her place on Christmas day. Like they could have waited you know, but anyway she came in and surprise surprise Pop was with her.  Yeah he's cool too.  Not as cool as Nanny of course but for an old guy he's pretty cool.  Anyway back to the story Nan and Pop called in with the plates on their way to get groceries and next thing I know I am in their car and going with them.  Ha ha Nan is way cool the way she sneaks me out of the house.  Mum told Nan I had been chucking tanties and I have NOT I just like being nursed, and cuddled and I like being rocked to sleep and I don't always wanna go in my cot, not when everyone else is still up and watching cool stuff on TV, so sometimes I tell mum and dad just that.  Now I thought there was a thing called Freedom of Speech and I have just been exercising my rights the best way I know how.  But mum is ticked off big time and she leaves me in my cot sometimes and I scream a bit, not a lot you know, not really, just a bit truly and she makes a big deal out of it and Nan says she has always been a drama queen.  Funny cause mum says I am a drama queen huh I don't think so!!!!!
So any way Nan came to the rescue today and I went shopping with her and Pop and then I went to their place and Aunty Ink turned up.  We call her Aunty Ink cause she's got 2 tattoos ha ha!!  So we went to the pool and I had a drink, not too sure about the water yet and then Nan and pop took me home.  Oh well a break is better than nothing I suppose.
So tonight I'm not sure what I'm doing I might be going to hang out with some mates at a party it being New Year's and all.  Or I might be going to my Ganma's so I'll find out later.  I'd really like to just hang out with the coolies Nan and Pop but oh well.  Anyway have a great New Year's Eve everyone see ya next year ha ha!!
Love Elle


  1. You are Nanny Ink:)Such a beautiful child! Enjoy enjoy enjoy~ Happy 2011..It's a shoe -in I think for you all:)

  2. Oh, Elle. You are such a doll. I am sure you are not a drama queen. Maybe your mom....but not you. So, you have a wonderful new year. I hope this year brings you good health, lots of sunrises and sunsets.....and teeth!

  3. everyone is looking at me weird, i'm sitting here chuckling at elle's latest antics. love it!! xo

  4. Monique thank you i think you are right we are on a new path and really looking forward to this year.
    Hey Char happy 2011 to you to gorgeous
    Mountain Thyme, well really maybe i am just a teeny weeny bit dramatic ha ha
    Carmel so glad to bring a smile to your face


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