Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Okey Dokey so here we are the 1st week in January 2011 and what has this Nanny of mine done, but post more pictures of me in this Jolly Jumper thingy that my aunties bought me for Christmas.  Yep you better get used to it folks, I think you may see me hanging from here with regular monotony from now on.  Actually I love it, it gives me dancing feet, it helps me rock the moves and get with the groove.  Yep Nan's words not mine so old school hey!!!!!! Anyway I love this thing it's great fun and I can get my groove on if that means I can move and jump and twirl and laugh yep I love it.  So I was with Nan and Aunty Ink (Ashleigh) yesterday, oh we call her Aunty Ink cause she's got tattoos, did I ever tell you that?  And we went to town, I love, love shopping, everyone looks at me and tells me how gorgeous I am, no big head here though, ha ha and I love all the twinkly stuff, you know, the jewels and the lights and the toys, oh yeah I love the toys and well I like it all really.  So we went to Myer and Nan bought these Chrissy decorations that were on sale 75% off, she said that's really good, so she bought a few and a Christmas bear called Charlie for me.  I am not spoilt I heard you out there, well maybe just a bit but it's not my fault, hey.
Then I cam home and danced and danced, I love it and it's so good for a girls figure, yep mum tells me all the time, you gotta have a good bod.  Kidding kidding okay before you all go tell my mum she's giving me a body complex, nah I don't have one I just let it all hang out.

Yep blurry as all get out I know, but Nan just can't control herself, she snaps and I laugh and she snaps and I twirl and she snaps, I see a pattern here.....
Oh and my shoes Osh Kosh Bgosh Baby boots yep to die for I know, gotta love a little blue denim footwear so in you know.
Okay so everyone join in now, left leg up right one twist, and then smile and twirl, yeah you got it girl, you go the moves baby.... ha ha ha!!!!
Remember smile, always smile, it wins hearts and changes how you feel yep it does.  Anyway gotta go now, we, Nan and me are gonna have a bottle, well Nan only has the odd bottle of bubbles, me on the other hand well I have 3 or 4 a day, don't worry I have it under control okay. So I'll be checking in next week to see if you are smiling, dancing and having a great life.
Bye for now
Love Elle

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  1. She is adorable and that headband is the cutest thing ever!


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