Thursday, September 16, 2010

Up Up And Away

Okay so I am being totally indulgent here today, yep I am look at my beautiful little grand daughter.  Oh well she doesn't look too happy here but she usually is, actually she is a total delight, barely makes a whimper, though I am sure Alicia would disagree.  The mum's always know the truth and the babies always seem to put on a good show when out and about don't they?
Oh my gosh I am really being honest here and putting my worst self forward, the wrinkles on my neck are shameful. Oh well all those years of laying about on the beaches sans any sun protection are showing now.  Yep there was no such thing as slip slop slap back in the days of my teens.  The most I had ever done aside from basting myself in the good old Tropical Sun oil was a thick line of white zinc down my part, I never wanted to peel on my head in case people thought I had dandruff.  Oh my when I think about it now what on earth was I thinking.  I still am terribly slack about skin care, occasionally wearing a sun screen, but mostly not.  I mean if I am actually going to the beach or the pool then yes I slop it on, but just to garden or walk or daily I always seem to forget.  So the outlook is not great for my skin is it?
So unfortunately I will never have that fresh faced youthful look again, darn it.  Lesson to be learned people, avoid the sun baking thing, did you get it sun BAKING!!!!!!!
Tomorrow we are off to Melbourne for a few days, visiting some really lovely people we met through our children.  Carmel and Merv are great, we really enjoy their company and we are so looking forward to our trip.  Photos to follow be assured.

Also I know this is a bit all over the place but I just wanted to share this pic that i had a lot of fun fiddling with.  The little girl was actually on a street in Verdun France and I put her on the garden path at the Chateau Chenonceau instead.  I like it I think a bit ghostly, what do you think?

Anyway I will be away till next week so have a great weekend and see ya later.


  1. Both you and the little one are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. it is a bit ghostly. and you and the baby - soooo very sweet!!

  3. aww Jamie thanks...
    ta char she is a doll

  4. Wonderful pics...thanks for sharing. Babies truely are God's gift to the world.

  5. you are so beautiful...your light shines through ;)

    Elle is so very cute.

    the flower is divine and that last photo is indeed ghostly but way cool.


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