Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Melbourne and Bubbles

Meet Bubbles and her hubby Merv.  We have just arrived home from the best weekend we have had in ages and we spent it in Melbourne with Bubbles, a new nick name that I am not entirely sure how she will take and Merv.  Actually Carmel aka Bubbles and Merv were fabulous darlings..... really fabulous.  We had a ball.  And this shot was taken on the 88th floor of the Eureka building and the pink shaded building is the apartment complex where Bubbles and Merv live at the moment and where we stayed for the weekend.  This may not seem like such a feat to those of you who are not tragically afraid of heights but for Bubbles and I this was quite an event.  Actually I think we surprised ourselves, see what sisterhood can do.  We rocked, really we did, we were toe tapping the edge of this baby and not a tremble in sight.  We ventured out on to the terrace, no rocking, screaming or fainting followed and we stayed out there for ages.  Well till our ears tingled with the cold, it is much colder up that high believe me.  This building has like a 3 metre box that slides out from the side and then when the lighting in it changes you are standing on perspex and can see through the floor.  We didn't go in the box, only because out on the terrace surrounded by only some really flimsy chicken wire, really, really flimsy, think brave now ok, chicken wire, we had conquered the fear, oh and we saved $12 each ha ha!!!

Of course we shopped as well, after all what weekend is complete without shopping.  You may be surprised though that we shopped mainly for food.  The Melbourne Victoria Markets are fabulous, really a lot like the fresh food markets in Europe I was in heaven.

Bum Burners, I bet they were too, covered in chilli seeds, ouch it hurts to think about it.

I couldn't believe it I spent ages on tour in May telling all the Americans that we very rarely eat Kangaroo it really is a tourist spin and then I spot this stuff everywhere down there. Yuk!!!

Then we headed off to the Kinglake area and picnicked, it was fab also.

So just the beginning of the weekend, good friends, great food, fantastic location oh and lots and lots of Bubbles.


  1. i have to comment!! yep, agreed, great weekend all round. thank you and adrian too. love merv and "bubbles"!! xo

  2. glad you had such a wonderful weekend. now I never thought about eating kangaroo before...I wonder what it tastes like....not saying I would or could, love your photos. glad you are well. c

  3. Sorry we didn't put on some nice weather for you last weekend. I guess that's just typical Melbourne style for you. It looks like you had a great time regardless. I love shopping at the Vic Market, I only wish I got in there more often.

  4. what a beautiful post! everything looked delicious and that building is AMAZING! sounds like lots of love & fun! :-)

  5. Carmel and Merv, you are just the hostesses with the mostest
    Cinner, I would never eat Kangaroo yuk!!
    Liss, Melbourne was fantastic, you are so lucky to live in such a fun filled place
    Tracey, Hey everything was delish and the building amazing


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