Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Review: A Homemade Life

Well I finished A Homemade Life a few weeks ago and I loved it.  Another novel and cookbook, a little similar to the wonderful Lunch in Paris.  Molly Wizenberg the author of this book and the creator of the blog and restaurant Orangette writes about her her life and loves and her fabulous recipes.  I will be cooking many of these recipes and am especially keen to try the Crystallized ginger banana bread with chocolate, uh huh is your mouth watering?  I love all things French and following Molly on her journey to France after the death of her father to cancer, and the realisation that she wanted to cook was very entertaining.  A Homemade Life well worth reading and well worth cooking with.



  1. I loved it too!! And that's the first recipe I made I think!! isn't she sweet ? Loved the writing in that book!Glad you did too.

  2. My copy sits on my bedside I can browse through the yummy recipes before know, so I can work on my bathing suit shape ;) lol.

    thinking of you in this hour. full moon ;)

  3. Monique it was your comments about this book tha made me read it so thanks!!
    Jamie it is
    Se'Lah I think we were twins in another life ha ha!


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