Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 53rd Darling

Okay I forgot to mention that on Monday 13th September it was my wonderful husband's 53rd birthday.  On the weekend we went to the park, as I posted yesterday, and on Sunday afternoon we had some take out and a bottle of wine sitting in another park, enjoying the sunshine and the fresh Spring weather.  I love this time of year don't you, all the new blooms and the trees dressing up again. 

A little visitor I caught on a beautiful poppy.

Cicadas noisy little visitors who leave behind their shells, like armour from a warrior, shed after the battle.  So pretty when green though.

Could this be Charlotte spinning her web for Wilbur?

Now scoot on over to this great blog and be in the running for some fab prizes seriously and a little guessing game.  I loved the photography on one of Limner's blogs the runucula's especially.


  1. Happy Birthday..what a great year with Elle:) Cute blue bug too!

  2. Eww on the creepy crawlies, but happy birthday to your hubby.


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