Monday, September 13, 2010

Out of the Kitchen

I have escaped my kitchen, yeeha and I headed for the park this weekend.  We are just a week away from our annual Carnival of Flowers and I just could not resist the temptation to wander, sniff and shoot in the parks.  These Delphiniums are just so beautiful don't you think?

Umm now I not completely sure what these are but the colours are gorgeous.

Poppies abound in Spring here and these couple just caught my eye, the process of coming out is interesting isn't it?

Iris's oh my goodness how beautiful are these?

We came across a family having a photo shoot with their little girl.  We aren't allowed to take photos of strangers children here in Australia, you have to be very sneaky about it actually, even swimming and sporting carnivals are no camera zones now, ridiculous really.  But her beautiful big red balloons matched her very frilly, layered tulle red skirt, she was a delight.

She even had this lovely table all set up for a tea party as a wonderful prop, how I would love to see those photos.  sigh lovely....
An old fashioned car rally was held on Saturday as well and these folk came dressed for the part.  They were so cute.

Wisteria always makes me think of cool English winters, old English gardens, boughs covered in the beautifully scented bunches.  So sweet.......

Then home we wandered, filled with a quite peace that comes from just wandering and watching.  How was your weekend?


  1. Lovely..The ones you don't know ..could be Anemones.:)

  2. Those delphiniums took my breath away! So gorgeous!

  3. i am so smitten, ms. Kim!!!

    I eagerly await the Carnival of Flowers!!!

  4. Monique yes of course anemones yes that's it thanks
    smitten i love that word Se'Lah
    Jamie it is such a wonderful time of year here


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